Roll for Printing

We are recognized as one of the prime Printing Rubber Rollers Manufacturers and Suppliers in the industry. The product is particularly advanced to the support of examination and input collected by the specialists from the printing business. The Printing Rubber Roller is intended for optimal consequence and hence they help with chopping down the processing expense.

The apparatus workshop is provided with exceptionally sophisticated machines and move processors which have been sourced from presumed Indian and International organizations.

Printed Rubber Rollers are a perfect and financially savvy reply to Improve Rollers. They build the gains for your press.

Deluxe Rubber offer such range of Printing Rubber Rollers for sheet-fed and web-offset presses,which are made of new Rubber Covering, Steel Core and Bearings to guarantee a concentric roller that offers sureties about better press execution. We utilize uniquely planned elastic mixes for Offset Printing Rubber Rollers and its rollers are pressed in high effect shipping containers to ensure the rollers throughout transportation. We have appointed the obligation of value requirement to the most experienced individuals in our group. They are qualified designers and comprehend the essentials of mechanical guidelines in items outlines. They customarily teach our handling staff on different practical parts of the items.

Deluxe Rubber are a trusted name among manufacturers and consumers of rubber rollers. They aim at quality, service and reliability of its products and is committed to serve standards with the best printing solutions

Deluxe Rubber offer a wide range of inking rollers, water dampening rollers, alcohol dampening rollers, rider rollers, web application rollers, lamination rollers, flexo rollers, gravour rollers, convayor rollers, runner rollers and installation ready rollers.

At our rubber compounding facility, we have the capability and capacity to both formulate and manufacture a range of rubbers to cater the print industry. Conventional, UV or Combi purpose makes no difference for special compounds of the newspaper industry.This compound offers good quality and better warranty for printing rollers to reduce downtime and cost cutting. We have the compounds available in a range of hardness 15-100 shore-a,the ability of roller covering to maintain its hardness in the application is extremely important for the printing process.The workforce compound of roller manufacturing, Nitrile, NitrilePVC, epdm, hyplon,silicone.Compound testing in house facility to test rubber for physical and chemical properties of the compound through universal testing machine, tensile testing machine, oscillating rheometer, abrasion tester, hardness tester.

Best Features Of Printing Rubber Rollers

  • Consistent water and ink balance
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer order cycles
  • Greater stability
  • Longer life
  • Consistent mechanical pressure
  • Trouble free running